Friday, May 28, 2010

Recreation based in Trust

Life has been a host of highs, with the big pre-travel wind up last week in preparation to hear Gabe give an inspiring and witty look into his creative life's work as a guest speaker at the New Museum, catching up with old friends I love and miss so much, meals and shared space with family, wandering city blocks in the sun, wondering and appreciating life in one of this planet's most stimulating settings. Incredible.The term recreation comes to mind, in the sense of play that can loosen the grip we have on life while exploring, creeping up on refreshing encounters and experiences and also in that most crucial sense of finding, knowing, executing and being oneself.As I begin a much busier work schedule over the summer with few actual days off (this is a good thing), I take this term re-create and stretch it out, soften and sharpen it for clarity, much like when I pop my singing bowl and at once lengthen
a moment in time and kindly arrest any advance of
productive thinking, for a second anyway. Now that I am settling into a new season I ask how can this dry summer, big bad sun inspire me and grow my awareness? Can I take it's expansive, enveloping brightness and let it warm my heart, providing a heightened sense of trust? Let's even do the capital T- Trust, a word that inspires an absolute state, a feeling that in my surrender I may come to know and gracefully accept my place in this life, each day, as it is? And in the quality of these more present, less jack hammered and insistent moments I am actually doing more to foster my pioneering spirit than any amount of shove and worry have provided. This sounds good to my ears. A strum. A hum. A raven's caw. Any single sound that promotes peace of mind.

I have found it difficult at times to wrap my head around the powerful, intricate and delicate implications of my career development. Why the slow start, where does my head fit into the picture, how much planning and action is needed, and how much listening and backing off is required? Here is where I give myself and anyone who reads this a little advice.

The answer lies in my own body. Recreate through receiving bodywork from others. Set pure hearted intentions and utilize gentle, subtle listening skills when I am with clients. Bodywork is complex in it's straightforward aims, metaphysical and powerful in it's very substance. I am thankful I am at a place in life where I am giving myself permission to create new space for my technical skills to develop as I have always wanted to have some element of pragmatism threaded through my life, however all my "technique" must be soaked in Trust.
This is easier said than done.
I sense I am up for it now, Trust. Hold still. Re-create, lengthen that sense of what's possible and give yourself far more than the benefit of the doubt. Have none. Put your time in your work, quality will exist in this world. Trust that the universe will take care of you as you care for others. It really can be that simple. That stripped down. That sound.

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