Wednesday, November 3, 2010


With a little less than 2 months left until I depart for India with the Heart Touch Project, I thought it was time for another update on what the fundraising experience has been like for me. As those of you on facebook know, I have been beyond diligent in posting reminders to give. I must thank the universe for such a forum as I don't know how I would have reached so many incredible people without getting up and typing those words on that page of mine each and every day. Thank you for your patience in the process. I was told to be relentless and sure enough the consistency paid off.

I managed to hit up a car wash with another Heart Touch volunteer, my friend Brian, earlier in the fall to give chair massages in Koreatown while folks waited on their car to get detailed. That proved to be a great afternoon, an honest and equal exchange of comfort for donation dollars. I had intended to get out and do more actual fundraisers but let time and life slide right over the best of 1/2 developed plans. I don't chide myself for it but I do think the physical labor and coordination involved in such an event would have brought more awareness to our massage project to those who didn't already know me and what I wanted to accomplish.

I have not raised all the funds yet, but I must comment that the sheer fact that I was committed and anchored to this project over the last several months has brought more joy to my day and given me a greater sense of just why I practice massage in the first place.

I never question my place in the world when I am giving of myself in a massage and I don't worry about outcomes either. It truly is a joyful expression of my heart and to know that in a few weeks I will be able to share in this activity in a country I love with other volunteers brings so much happiness into my head.

Last night as I got ready for bed, I lit a candle in honor of the Day of the Dead for my grandma. I thought over her life's work of caring for others for a bit and realized I am keeping her spirit and life alive in the work that I do. I hope this entire experience is just the beginning to a long and windy ride through the world of massage.

May it bring all of us a little more joy, this simple knowledge that if we honor ourselves and each other through simple loving human touch, we bring peace into our lives and into the world instantly. I like that we can do this anytime and bring pure joy into being.

I do promise to record in some verbal and possibly visible fashion my time in India come the end of this year. To all those of you who brought energy and financial support to this project I send you the deepest thank you.

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