Friday, October 9, 2009

Skaters and Venice Beach

holy crap. i loved watching folks flock and flop and swirl around in the skate park today along the beach.  i was feeling a little lonely after a first time visit to a yoga class this morning and decided to ride down by the water for some head clearing. i toured the bike path from the Santa Monica pier area towards Venice slalomming through the sand patches and people when i came up close to the most famous muscle beach (where good ole Arnie used to work out) and saw a crowd!!! i was wondering what the who ha was about and pulled up to see. it was fast and furious (with no reference to the car movie) and really exciting. the sun hit their faces as they managed the space and each other, conscious or not, minding their center of gravity with such slick grace. i was thrilled to see a couple ladies manning the scene and from the looks of their beat up arms and elbows, they play hard too. i just stood their leaning against my bike smiling at their gumption, esp. when they got enough speed up in the bowl to hit the rail and pause and fly back down again. i didn't mange to get much in terms of the action on my camera but some other spectator took a heavy slice to his forehead standing a little close when it came flailing his way. oops! needless to say at least he and i got jacked up from all the energy rushing by. 

my bike trip led me to a gorgeous canal in Venice that really made me feel like i was in another country. i often feel like i am. the bungalows all over this part of southern California are so scrumptious but to place them along a quiet body of water with little boat and kayak hook ups made this nook extra sweet. lavender bushes lined the narrow walk and set everything off. 

thank you Venice beach for your gorgeous displays today.