Saturday, May 8, 2010

Update for India Fundraising

It's about 4:30 on Saturday and the heat that will settle across the valley for the next many months has arrived. I have planted some california poppy seeds around the yard, begun various veggie seeds indoors, turning compost, pruning this and that and still yanking spinach and kale I planted back in December. This is a good time here on Raven Street, knowing these seeds are popping up and struggling to take root and get bigger, more colorful and fluid, providing pleasure for all us animals out here feasting. A nice metaphor for my current fundraising project. I have been truly feasting off of everyone's response. I sent word around via email and facebook a little over a month ago and have gotten so much positive response, either through direct donation and/or through people passing the word along or simply reaching out and saying they are excited for me. I was shocked the first time I got a message in my inbox that someone had made a donation. My mind realized that people are very interested and this particular techno forum for spreading the word is effective. I will continue, without a doubt.

However, it seems I am at a place where I need to develop more face to face initiatives to stretch my reach into other people's awareness. I have heard throwing parties to fundraise is another way to go. While I like this idea, there is some hesitation involved. It may feel strange and disappointing and being new to LA, I don't have a readymade collection of folks to invite. Gabe knows some folks though and I am slowing meeting my own crew. I need to put some brainpower behind this next step and ask advice from those with more experience. I am eager to see this project come to life at the end of the year, which means I have to be willing to try new things to make it happen.

Back to the garden for some methodology, a couple points to consider: building a strong network involves good timing and maintenance and broadcasting as my grandma called it. If I miss a day moving the seed trays out into the sun or keep them in the heat too long or oversoak them they look sad and need my attention. And you have to cast your seeds wide and see what takes hold, knowing some will and many won't. That's just how it works. And when you throw those seeds have a little faith and be grateful for what pops up. That too is just how things work. Humanity has depended on this. It's called agriculture!!!!

Nurturing and strengthening the ties that already exist, keeping in mind the parallel that growing new experiences, just like growing food, takes a variety of essentials and consistency. Water, proper placement, healthy soil, and sunshine. What of these could I utilize to help get me massaging others in India?

I'll spell things back out for you and me....timing, nurturing, watering, casting wide, face to face, faith, consistency, experimentation, sunshine, placement and hearty ground................
Stage 1 seems to have morphed into Stage 2. Mia gets out from behind the computer and gets some motion potion......yes, I just made that up. Some potion to put these ideas in motion.

Being in LA makes you want to stay outside and play.

Outside. Play. India. Fundraise........Mia fundraise.

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