Sunday, January 10, 2010

Making Boxes for Others

What a treat this past holiday season became for me all because my hands got directly involved in creating something, boxes for others. I have wanted to make small boxes for others (just that sentiment) since I tried my hand as a carpenters apprentice back in 2001. While that experience was only 3 months in length, being around the various hardwoods, hand planers and saws, not to forget the mindless hours of sanding (which I thoroughly enjoy) made quite an impression. Enough background, let’s get to the work itself. I went to a big lumber supply store in North Hollywood and picked out some simple pine slabs and plywood, some screws and sandpaper and headed to Gabe’s studio where thankfully he had a chop saw and the needed drill etc. It was a fun project to conceive.

I knew I would have to sink into the what’s and why’s of each individual box and hoped as the cutting and design began I would learn what each was to become. I ended up making 10 in total for all of Gabe’s family. It felt amazing to see the cuts, line the pieces up, watch the design develop, sand each piece over and over and assemble. The smell and feel of each small piece gave me something, maybe tactile time brings it’s own story forth, which is what I had hoped would happen. I ended up with a few different themes, such as brain boxes for the kids to place their already acquired and still desired knowledge. I spent some time writing something and including it into each one, then packed them up and sent them to the East Coast. I was sort of sad to see them go. I had lived with the idea getting this project going for a long time. Luckily there are many more friends and family members to sit with and sand for. In fact, I have 2 requests right now. The hopes are that I give myself the time to stay with this very simple and satisfying endeavor. See a few pictures of my favorites.


  1. Wow.

    You are so creative and fantastic!

    Let's do some Fiiiinne Woodworking together!