Sunday, November 8, 2009

Moving images meet Mia

I studied and appreciated art in college like a good liberal art student and spent alot of my free time in NYC either with friends or on the job with kids taking in the amazing museums and galleries. I even got to witness some pricey art auctions at Christies and Sotheby's several years ago, but lately I have been a spectator of a new sort of sport. My eyes have taken in some foreign fun here in LA LA land. Gabe produced a movie that was in the Hollywood Film Festival at the end of October, which we were very excited to finally see on the big screen. I had yet to see the finished product and fell hard for the story and cast and even harder for my Hungarian honey. It was so strange to be dressed up and at the movies. 
Gabe and I toured the famous La Brea tar pits the following day taking me back in time when mammoths roamed the area. The tar pits are still bubblin' after thousands year old work of preserving these ancient creatures remains. I kept picturing those giant animals passing over mountains as we cruised along the interstate that afternoon. I saw them. They were here too.
We headed to Pasadena later that day to get in line for the U2 concert at the Rose Bowl, along with 96,000 others! Pete and Kathy were our buddies along for the trip. It was fun to shuttle over and land at the round room where we were given some VIP tx (that's how we got tickets in the first place). We ended up meeting the base player, Adam, backstage before the show which really made me  snicker. What was I doing and why was it so fun? I was in hysterics though as we were led by special security onto the floor of the bowl toward our seats. I had had a couple glasses of wine and was feeling the crowd as we crawled through folks. We saw Slash and Paris Hilton before the lights went low. I thoroughly enjoyed what I heard and saw. The energy from that many elated fans blew me away. Thank you Aileen for spreading this unique vantage point with so many of us.

The following night after work, I drove to the Beverly Hilton all dressed up again (this was twice in 3 days!!!) for the after party to the film festival. Gabe and the gang from the film were fun to share the pool party with, but I have to admit, I soooo wanted a girlfriend to acknowledge the 90210-ness of the surroundings with me. I expected to see Brenda and Dillion by the bar. Tiny, tiny ice cream cones and slow moving men dressed in Roman outfits made these few hours of my Monday night pure novel eye candy. A place I would never have seen myself enjoying became fun to ingest simply by moving through it with a smile and some open eyes.
To top it all off, this afternoon, I sunk into the little black couch at the Cal State Long Beach art museum watching Brian Eno's exhibit 77 million paintings. This consisted of slowly mutating, rich and randomly selected patchwork  of color and sketch. It was a digital quilt that actual warmed my insides as I listened to the sounds he had pumping through the space with the same name as the exhibit. I had heard the bells and dings and deep electronic scrapings before but never put them to visuals. It was a wonderful meditation on what is manifest and destroyed in a moment while you watch.  Each event offered me a chance to take life in like gone. here. gone. here. gone. here. gone. here. gone. here. gone. here. gone. 

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  1. Great to read your words again, Mia! Can't believe you're hanging with U2 these days. You should keep this blog thang going. More, more.
    --Jason B.